The teacher

In a world where improvisation has become the rule, and so called teacher literally spring up like mushrooms, we offer the expertise and experience of real professionals who have been working for several years within the photography field. Having worked exclusively as photographers, all of our teachers have a solid professional journalistic background. Each of them has his own field of expertise, his own experience, his own store of knowledge and his own exciting story made of journeys, emotions and adventures.




Since turning professional in 1996, Andrea Alborno has become both a photographer and journalist. Professionally, he is mainly interested in exploring cultural and social themes, but has also produced travel, tourism work and interior design photography. His work has been published in many Italian and International publications: Tuttoturismo, Meridiani, Panorama Travel, Gulliver, In Viaggio, Itinerari e Luoghi, Soprattutto, Condé Nast Traveller, Airone, Alp, Meridiani Montagne, D-la Repubblica delle Donne, Fitness Magazine, Vie del Gusto, Spazio Viaggi, Gente Viaggi, Elle, Anna, Figaro, Figaro Magazine, Geo, Alpes Magazine, Animan, Escape Magazine, Voyages et Voyages, Gael, National Geographic Traveller, Viajar, Grasduinen, Voyager, Res, Reizen, Man, Woman, etc..

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He’s represented by: Hemis, Lightmediation, Marka, Simephoto, estockphoto, GMAimages.
Currently one of Andrea Alborno’s exhibitions “Street Kids of Odessa”, sponsored by EBRET and supported by UNICEF, is touring Italy and has already been hosted in many different cities.

Awarded at the Art of Photography Show 2009 in San Diego, California.

In 2009, he published a book entitled “Un Coeur dans les Pierres” translated in Italian, meaning ‘a heart into the stones’, that describes the life of Augustinian monks who live at 2500 mts of altitude on the pass of Grand-Saint-Bernard between Italy and Switzerland.

Andrea Alborno teaches photography in various seminars in Italy and abroad, combining his expertise and knowledge with techniques from his past activity as Yoga and meditation teacher.