The School

Ours is a true “Traveling Photography School”, hence we organize courses in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Our motto is “No limit to creativity”. It doesn’t matter if you have never taken a picture or if your camera has been resting in the closet for several years: the world is our set, so let’s go out there and shoot. With us you will visit some of the most picturesque sides of our planet while learning the secrets of photography.

We say no to exasperated technicality, as we believe that photography art has little or nothing to do with the latest super high-tech camera, but is indeed the result of a mind process relating both to the outside world, what you see, and to your inner world, sensibility, emotions and creativity along with the ability to truly seize the moment. We don’t promise a magic wand, however with us you will learn how to use your introspection and visualization to awaken your creativity and translate it into a photograph.