Our philosophy

It is usually given for granted that in the photography field, like in any visual art, the photographer has an already developped creativity and, in a certain way, it has been rigidly pre-established. However, our workshops presume that creativity is a plastic entity that, through specific mental techniques of visualization and with on field pratice, can grow and give unexpected astonishing results. During our workshops, teachers will encourage and help photographers to develop their “visual/space intelligence” as well as their “intrapersonal intelligence”. A particular importance will be given to the framing, the use of creative movement, colors and low lights, omitting the printing techniques and reducing to the minimal the theoretical aspect. For pratical reasons, digital photography is priviledged. Our workshops are for advanced photoamateur as well as the fledgling photographer. For those who want to go further than the usual rigid layouts and would like to translate into reality those images that are only present within themself. Our workshops are also for those who have little or no idea on how to begin the art of photography and would like to exercise their imaginary, source of every creativity.